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9/1/2010 edition

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Betting facts from Moonee Valley, Saturday, 2nd. January.

Punters betting favourites
had a winning meeting backing bookmaker top fluctuation odds winners The Tiger, $4.60, True Persuasion, $3.30 and Cheddington, $3.10 from the nine favourites. Trainer Mick Price had a big go at this meeting starting five favourites in the eight races. True Persuasion, ridden by Craig Newitt, won for him plunged from $3.30 to $2.50. However Orbiting Belle also plunged from $3.20 into $2.70, Tango's Choice heavily backed from $4.20 into $3.70, Testa My Patience, firming from $3.30 to $3.20 and Old Jock solid at $4.40 did not win. Three of those losing favourites were ridden by apprentice jockey Brent Evans. However Mick Price trained a second winner with Over Exposed saluting at $8.50. No jockey, however, rode a winning double at the meeting.

Betting facts from Caulfield, Saturday, 26th. December.

Punters betting favourites
made a small loss at starting price with Sadalbari, $3.00, Pins On Ice, $2.60 and Here De Angels, $2.60, winning from the nine favourites. Jockeys riding winning doubles were Steven Arnold on the favourites Pins And Ice and Here De Angels and Brent Evans on winners at much better odds - Apprehend, $8.50 and Rolling Stock, $6.00. Comeback jockey Peter Hutchinson rode the winner at biggest odds for the day - Miss Matari which started at $31.00.

Betting facts from Flemington, Saturday, 19th. December.

Three favourites won - Saddler's Story, $4.40, Luminous Harmony, $2.60 and Scenica, $3.10. However the shortest priced favourite of the day, Marconi, $1.85, ridden by Jason Maskiell, finished second in a field of five. But Jason Maskiell more than made up for this with favourites punters, riding a double in the next two races - Luminous Harmony and Saddler's Story. Glen Boss once again rode well on horses at big odds, winning on Grand Destiny, $12.00 top fluctuation bookmaker odds and running a close second on Alexander Beetle, which started at $21.00.

Betting facts from Flemington, Saturday, 12th. December.

Punters backing the longer priced favourites had a great day with Red Belly Black, $3.50, Right Fong, $3.80 and Beltrois, $4.20 all winning. Glen Boss rode a winning treble - Red Belly Black, Beltrois and Sadalbari, $11.00. Danny O'Brien trained a good winning double, Cabeza, $11.30 best tote and Sincengarni, $7.00. However punters betting on the shortest starting price favourites did not win. and would have been screaming blue murder. Rain Shadow, ridden by Michael Rodd, started at $1.55 and finished a disappointing third in a small field of just five horses. Gibraltar Moon, ridden by Jason Maskiell, started at $2.20 and finished a three lengths beaten third in a small field of just seven horses. I guess it's results like those that make some punters wary of betting favourites in small fields. Sound Journey, ridden by Billy Egan, started at $2.35 and finished a well beaten tenth of 11. Iamzeus, another short priced favourite, ridden by Stephen Baster, started at $3.20 and finished eleventh of 15. While to top off the short priced favourites' disaster, in the last race of the day Vitex, $3.20 favourite, also ridden by Stephen Baster, finished second of 11.

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