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8/8/2009 edition

Horse Racing Software Betting

Can you work 30 minutes a week to make an easy living turning a one thousand dollars betting bank into one million dollars?

Horse Racing Software Betting Programs - what to look out for

We regularly receive e-mails asking us about different marketed horse racing betting software programs such as, "I've been sent information about this program. I could do with the money. Should I buy it because it tells me I can make a good living from it without having to work? They'll even lend me the $10,000 to pay for it."

Just register for the forum and post a general query in the Betting Systems Forum. But please avoid clearly identifying the business, as we don't want to publish posts that are quite likely defamatory such as "It's a scam."

It is up to you whether or not you want to believe the claims made with marketed horse racing betting software.

But here are some important things to take note of.

1. Are you told how easy it is to obtain financial freedom?

2. You might be told something like "30 or 40 minutes a week is all it takes." Ask yourself why so many highly intelligent people go to work five days a week if it is so easy to obtain "financial freedom" with just 30 minutes work a week!!

3. You are told to bet a high percentage of your TAB account. Ask yourself what happens if a bad losing run starts, and don't believe that it's not possible.

4. You are given lists of past winners which make massive profits on turnover. If true why would anyone really want to sell that to you?

5. You are shown how a small amount like $500 can be easily turned into amounts like $100,000 and more. Again, if true why would anyone want to sell that to you?

6. You might be given guarantees like "the computer program, when used according to our instructions would have made the selections detailed in the promotional materials you have seen." If so be aware those are past results. So of course the betting software program would have made those past selections. That's already been programmed into it by a computer programmer!

7. Beware if you are given guarantees that require you to keep betting for an extended period of time according to the seller's instructions. If you don't the guarantee is null and void. In other words, if you were losing, decided the program was no good and so wanted to cut your losses and stop betting, then there would be no money back refund!

8. Are there verified testimonials from satisfied users who are prepared to talk to you? If not, why not? We know you'll most likely be told their privacy needs to be protected. It's up to you if you want to believe that.

9. See if you can find a water tight guarantee that future results will resemble claimed past results. For example, claimed past results that might have produced 20 consecutive winning months in a row and turned a $1,000 betting bank into a million dollars. Bet you can't!

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