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30/1/2010 edition

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Betting facts from Sandown Lakeside, Saturday, 23rd. January.

It was yet again another profitable meeting for favourites punters with three winners. At bookmaker top fluctuation odds they were Bertonic $3.80, At The Heads $3.50 and Rathsallagh $2.50, though favourites' punters had to wait until the two last races of the meeting to "get out" on Rathsallagh and Bertonic. The trainer/jockey combination of Peter G. Moody and Luke Nolen had four of the eight favourites. Tan Tat Tess $2.70 ran third in R1, Storm Burst $3.30 also finished third in R2 followed by Good Medicine $3.50 - another third in R5. Punters must have been cursing them until R8 when Bertonic won. While no jockey rode a winning double, Danny O'Brien trained a winning double - At The Heads which was firmly backed from $3.50 to start at $3.00 and No Jurisdiction which also firmed from $4.00 to $3.70 with the bookies.

Betting facts from Flemington, Saturday, 16th. January.

Favourites punters just keep on winning. From the eight race programme three favourites won in a row from R2 to R4 at good odds, giving an excellent level stakes profit.
At bookmaker top fluctuation odds they were Encosta Belief $3.00, Bangerang Quuikpic $3.20 and Apprehend $5.50. No jockey rode a winning double at the meeting nor did any trainer train a winning double at the meeting. Horses at double figure odds won the final four races. They were Coppervue $16.90, Danzylum $17.50, Silver Bullion $40.50 and Demandehere $26.00. Of course if favourites punters used their winnings to bet up in these races they probably would have turned a good winning day into a losing day.

Betting facts from Caulfield, Saturday, 9th. January.

Punters betting favourites had a huge winning meeting
with six favourites winning from the eight races. It rarely comes better than that! The winning favourites at bookmaker top fluctuation odds were Syndrome $2.30 and Zachary $3.60, both ridden by Mark Zahra, Valentine Miss $2.70, Its Prince $4.00, Our Baby Bonus $3.70, Rolling Stock $3.00 and Beltrois $3.50.  Luke Currie rode Beltrois, which was trained by Robbie Griffiths. Jockey and trainer upset most punters in the final race of the meeting when Rainband won starting at $26.00. Best tote was $30.80.

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